MAKRIS, Stavros

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  • Style:

    Travel / Documentary Photography 

  • Clients:

    Ubushobozi Project, Eleftherotypia, Inside Out, Meld, William Deters Foundation. 

  • Bio:

    Stavros Makris was born in Agrinio, Western Greece in 1983. Combining a passion for adventure with the curiosity his parents instilled in him from a very young age, it was almost impossible to stay put. Thirteen years and fifty five countries later, he still finds himself addicted to travelling, amazed by the complexity of our nature, the vast differences – and surprising similarities – of various cultures and the immense beauty of the natural world. 

  • Education:

    University of Athens / Department of Biology, assisting various photographers, working for various NGOs in Africa and Asia 

  • Work Inspiration:

    Nature, culture, travel and the everyday struggles of regular people. 

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