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  • Style:

    Studio and Daylight.

  • Clients:

    Sony Music, Vogue, Men΄s Health, Passport Magazine, E Mag, Saatchi & Saatchi, Bodytalk, Red Design, Palm Pictures, Vibe, Status Mag., Ministry of Sound.

  • Bio:

    Les was born in New York City and was in immediate contact with the art world working at his family’s downtown gallery. After graduating Trinity College with an Art History degree, he bought his first camera and accepted work in Vietnam in 1994. After a few years in Southeast Asia, Les returned to New York to work with some of the industry’s top portrait and advertising photographers and ultimately opened his own space shooting music and film celebrities such as Eminem and Christian Bale. In 2002 Les began sharing his time between New York and Europe, completing assignments for editorial and advertising clients. Whether photographing people or places, Les is known for being able to focus his lens on a defining and theatrical moment. His strong sense of color and composition makes his images both innovative and modern.

  • Education:

    Trinity College.

  • Work Inspiration:

    From Fassbinder to Salgado to Crewdson, Les has always been interested in artists who can capture the narrative in a single frame.

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