NOLAN, Michelle

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  • Style:

    Portraiture, Conceptual, Lifestyle, Landscape. 

  • Clients:

    Leo Burnett, Laughlin Constable, Time Out, Inked, OUT, The New York Times, ALARM Press, Under The Radar, AARP, Smart Money, Steppenwolf Theatre. 

  • Bio:

    The mind of Michelle Nolan is somewhat of a conceptual command center. Her outrageous imagination draws ideas from every inch of her being and multitude of life experiences. The combination of deep emotion and compassion, strong personal values and philosophy, intellect, high sense of style, and of course humor, molds her imagery into surreal, bold photographic and digital expressions. Her pre-visualization is precise, and her planning elaborate to ensure a final image that might just as easily bring on a conversation that revolves around psychoanalysis as art - exercising your brain to try to define it. The impulse to stop and look can be triggered by almost anything - her use of color, subject, mood, etc. The notable thing that rides along in a sidecar with whatever tickles your impulse in the first place, and that inevitably keeps you looking, is the quality of her work. Her technical expertise for unique and beautiful lighting, digital retouching, and compositing skills derives from an education at the world-renown Brooks Institute of Photography in California. Michelle Nolan undoubtedly produces images that make you stop, whether you like them or not. She forces you to see deep thoughts through vivid visual representation effectively communicating concepts without being overt, making you think, while keeping you emotionally connected. Michelle Nolan is currently based in the New York metro area. 

  • Education:

    Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA and University of Madison – Wisconsin. 

  • Work Inspiration:

    Paintings, Music, Film, Mother Nature, Travel and People. 

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